Companion products enhance and extend the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Hundreds of companion products have been written by scores of vendors.  These are three offerings that we recommend:

eOne Business Solutions’ Extender lets you add new windows and forms to Dynamics GP, facilitating the capture and storage of unlimited types and amounts of data, right in your accounting software.  You can then report on this information, either separately or together with your accounting data, to help better manage your business.

Rockton Software’s Auditor tracks changes to data at the individual field level. Auditor is a lifesaver when it comes to complying with requests from outside and internal auditors.

Accountable Solutions serves as the IT Department for our Accounting Department by providing ongoing technical support for Microsoft Dynamics GP, by quickly responding to any issue that arises.  They have also dramatically improved our budgeting and forecasting procedures, and our financial reporting, by using the BI360 Report Designer.
-- Mark Rosenthal
Chief Financial Officer, Freehold Park Racing

Client Success Stories

Microsoft Dynamics GP and Companion Products to Help Grow Your Business

An organization’s accounting software is mission critical—there’s no margin for error.  That’s why Accountable Solutions recommends Microsoft Dynamics GP and its companion products.  They ensure your business success because they are:

  1. Comprehensive and Powerful
  2. Customizable and Flexible
  3. Secure and Auditable

Solver’s BI360 Report Designer helps you analyze your Dynamics GP data by working from within the software used every day by accountants—Microsoft Excel.  Its financial reports are designed in Excel, run in Excel and displayed in Excel. Create reports that include familiar Excel features, such as charts, pivot tables and conditional formats, to quickly identify trends and exceptions.

Accountable Solutions is an integral part of our team, working with our IT, Accounting and Finance staffs, as well as Sales and Marketing members, to ensure that each department receives the information it needs to manage our business.  Our long relationship with Accountable Solutions has been one of the keys to our business success.
-- Walter McKenna
Chief Financial Officer, Specialty Brands of America, Inc.

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Microsoft’s highly-rated midrange accounting software package is known for its: 

  • Customizable reporting and inquiry screens
  • Exceptional level of detail
  • Quick access to critical, time-sensitive information​

  • Thoroughness